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Volume:1 Issue: 2 Apr 2003
reality not real I will polute your dreams

Everyone wants in on evil franchise
Axis of Evil in negotiations to Become Trapezoid of Terror
In a startling new development in the latest unwinnable war, the Axis of Evil was rumoured to be in negotiations with an unknown fourth party to become the Trapezoid of Terror. Secret agents from the CIA, MI6 and Mossad are said to be scouring the planet to uncover the venue for the meetings and, more importantly, the identity of the potential new member of the sinister alliance. More..>>

Liberty to be returned?
Diplomatic relations between the US and France have sunk to a new low as George W Bush hints at his intention to extradite the Statue of Liberty. More..>>

Smart bombs not so smart, says MENSA
US bombs fail to make the grade, claim egg-heads. More..>>
Blair brands Saddam a monster
Blair was criticised last night for referring to Saddam Hussein as a monster. More..>>

Escalators to be replaced by firemenís poles
500ft poles to be used in attempt to cut congestion. More..>>
Pope attempts to expand powers of infallibility to cover all matters
Pope flies into tantrum after missing Trivial Pursuit question. More..>>

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