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Volume:1 Issue: 10 August 2003

Hasellhoff answers his fans

International singing star, actor, hero and hearthrob Hasselhoff is revealed as a poet, a thinker and a great humanitarian as he answers his greatest fan's letters.

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Hasselhoff Replies

Hi Enrico

Thank you so much for the letter, I read it with great interest, until I realised that you were confusing me with one of those other top stars who are strutting their stuff in the political arena of California. Look, don’t get down hearted about the poor illiterate kids, send them to a library and give them a dictionary. Within no time they’ll know their aardvark from their zucchini. In fact if they are really that poor, I have probably just given them the basis for a really cool meal.

Anyway, what I suggest you do is redirect your letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a true patriot and the greatest living American, after Henry Kissinger (now Bob Hope’s no longer with us).
Anyway, just to cheer you up, here’s a smart picture of me looking soulful as I think about the poor little Hispanic kids.

Your pal

asa, concorde, british airways, London


Hasselhoff Replies

Dear Fan

Mr Hasselhoff thanks you for your kind words and wishes you all the best. And he sends you this photo of himself for your personal enjoyment.




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