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Volume:1 Issue: 10 August 2003

Hasellhoff answers his fans

International singing star, actor, hero and hearthrob Hasselhoff is revealed as a poet, a thinker and a great humanitarian as he answers his greatest fan's letters.

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Hasselhoff Replies

Dear fan

Mr Hasselhoff thanks you for your kind words and wishes you all the best. And he sends you this photo of himself for your personal enjoyment.

(Auto-signed)nasa, concorde, british airways, London


Hasselhoff Replies

Dear Col. Armstrong

I really do appreciate your kind invitation to become even more of a true American hero than I already am, and I’m the first to stand up and say I love America and would do anything for it, but I regret that I could not possibly comply with your request to have my locks shorn.

To soften the blow I enclose a photo of me striking a patriotic and, I’m sure you’ll agree, manly pose.



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