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Volume:1 Issue: 10 August 2003

Next Blaine stunt is out of this world

David Blaine, the controversial illusionist who is currently suspended above the Thames in London, is planning to be marooned on the Moon. Blaine will spend three months on the desolate satellite without an air supply.

Critics fear that the magician’s fabled powers of concentration may not be enough to save him this time. Health experts from the Walter Matthau Institute for Serious Study, in Aberystwyth Wales, explained: ‘It’s impossible to survive in an atmosphere-free environment, just ask anyone who’s ever visited Essex. Under the intense physical and emotional pressures that would be placed on Blaine, he would for last hardly any time at all, let alone three months.’

Eric Liblander, a friend of David Blaine, claimed that NASA is planning to sponsor the trip to the Moon, and claimed that a space agency source told him that the project could prove mutually beneficial: ‘NASA’s been looking for a route back to the Moon, in order to reinvigorate interest in the space programme.’

Fox News is said to be in negotiations to show the feat live, immediately after Fox and Friends.

In 1998 British magician Paul Daniels survived in a desert hut for three weeks on food and water alone.

Environmentalist campaigners have criticised Blaine for his latest stunt, claiming that there are enough starving people in the world, and the magician is making a mockery out of people’s suffering. They also are angry with the Moon proposal, as there are enough people living without oxygen and Blaine is making a mockery out of their situation.


By Solomon Pepper

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