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Franklin Trimmings - Special OPs

Rhodes scholar, international playboy and dedicated thrill seeker Franklin P. Trimmings has been described by many as the Greatest Living Englishmen. Found as a baby, under a Grand Piano at the London Ritz, Trimmings was raised by waitressing staff. By the age of seven Franklin had invented the tea-bag and the the first rudimentary computer.

Lying about his age and wanting to see the world, at the age of eleven Franklin joined the Royal Air Force. Within a year he rose to the rank of Wing Commander after single handedly grounding an entire German squadron with nothing more than a spoon.

Trimmings great war poems spoke for a generation and helped define the character of a fighting nation. Epics such as "I can't seem to get my socks dry" and "I'd kill a johnny for a decent cup of tea" not only highlighted the inimitable courage of the human condition but also demonstrated, in a way that has never been equalled, the sheer inhumanity of trying to make a decent brew in trench conditions.




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