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Solomon Pepper- News Development Specialist

Solomon Pepper was born early on in the 20th Century as a result of his mother, a matchbox seller from Covent Garden, bumping into his father, a vaudeville actor and all-round bounder from Westminster Square. As a young man he drifted into journalism following a short career in the RAF as a camp bookmaker and test pilot.

Pepper made a name for himself when, as a foreign correspondant, he single-handedly rolled 150 La Palma de Ora cigars whilst fighting CIA operatives during the Bay of Pigs invasion. Not only did he win plaudits for defending Castro's Cuba, but he was also trumpeted for helping the Republic's economy in the process.
Fifteen year later, as the Washington correspondant for the now defunct Global Tribune, Pepper uncovered a Democ
rate Party plot to assassinate Gerald Ford which would have seen a brainwashed Dean Martin wrap a golf club around the President's head at the 1976 Bob Hope Classic. Pepper would have saved the day had the FBI asked him to keep quiet. Six months later Jimmy Carter became the 39th President of the United States.
Now in the twilight of his years Pepper spends his days embibing large quantities of malt whisky and jotting irrelevent news stories from his favourite chair at the Raffles Gentlemans Club, London.



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