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Max Ooberman - Self Made Man

Max began his long love-hate relationship with pens and pencils in 1935 while writing for Sex, Drugs & Opera in his hometown of Salzburg, Austria. However, his lifetime love affair with buxom blondes took an unexpected twist when World War II saw the Germans post him to Norway to report back on friendly-fire incidents arising from the fact that both sides were wearing white.

Shaken by the horrors of distant submarine warfare off the Norwegian coast, Max travelled to Tibet in 1946 to become a Buddhist monk and work on the Temple Bulletin. He was asked to leave the monastery less than a year later (something to do with a misunderstanding over Buddhist nuns) and, shortly thereafter, found himself working in the galley of a Panamanian cargo ship heading for Cuba. He produced the first ship newsletter ever during the voyage.

The exact details of his career from this point until 1972 are sketchy at best, but it did include the publication of several revolutionary manifestos and a brief spell with a football magazine in Montevideo.

What Max referred to as “the most captivating event of the 20th century” compelled him to leave the safety of the Columbian rain forest in 1972 to cover the Bobby Fischer-Boris Spassky chess match in Iceland for Chess Mate! He then lived in Moscow for a few years where it was rumoured that he worked for the CIA, the KGB and MI6, but not necessarily in that order.

He settled in London in 1983 to work on some Page 3 girls for one of the tabloids and to write an odd horse-racing column on the side also. He was due to retire when Viagra gave him a few more years of happiness.

In 2003, Max decided that he really should do something worthwhile with his life, so he started Deadpan Pizza with Mr Trimmings and Mr Pepper.



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