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Volume:1 Issue:1 Apr 2003
there will be no hiding from US righteousness I will polute your dreams

This image is an illusion
Iraq doesn't exist, says scientist
A respected historian has revealed that US ambivalence over international affairs is rooted in the startling revelation that the rest of the world simply does not exist. Professor Serling Rodman has published a paper theorising why so few Americans have little or no interest in international affairs. More..>>

Homeless to be used as mobile phone masts
The International Association of National Associations of Telecom Operators & Other Federated Affiliates & Friends (IANATOOFAF) unveiled a scheme yesterday to empower the homeless by enabling them to act as base stations for a new generation of mobile phone technology. More..>>
homeless man happy at chance to improve lot

Odds on Sharon winning Nobel prize lengthen
West Bank bombings and new condos could hurt chances. More..>>
Manson reconsiders Bashir interview
Celebrity murderer believed that UK interviewer would bring out his softer side. More..>>

Cloned sheep explodes after eating GM foods
Rumours about Dolly the Sheep's death rock Scientific Community. More..>>
Tigers released into City to combat pigeon problem
Vancouver announces plans to replace peregrine falcons with seven Bengal tigers. More..>>
Unconfirmed Reports
US says Iraqis are cheating

Iraq has WMD & War not about oil

Tommy Franks wears lucky pink G-String

Deathstar hovering over Bagdhad

Australian SAS fighting in Iran for past week

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